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new madness scene creator out

2011-05-15 13:11:50 by cnkid

my newest madness scene creator is out this game is simply there to hold you over until i make a first person shooter based on madness.
the new game im makeing will take a while and if any really good scripters are out there i would apreciate help


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2011-05-23 14:34:17

wat i notice from u is u put new guns into ur scene creators


2011-06-01 17:19:12

I hate to bother your game, but can you make a madness 10 scene creator?


2011-06-18 11:03:35

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2011-06-19 12:17:49

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2011-07-01 17:27:30

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2011-07-14 13:09:20

oh ok i use q and e sorry about that can u delete that comment plese ;]


2011-08-23 15:57:29

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2011-10-04 19:30:44

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I HOPE TO PLAY IT


2012-08-27 18:05:51

its been a damn YEAR! just make scene creator.


2013-06-03 22:09:13

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2015-05-22 21:47:14

Please add ALOT of Madness Project Nexus weapons please! :D